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Smart security for children in a crowd

About Child in Crowd


Child in Crowd is an effort to protect children from kidnappers that take advantage of crowds to haunt their victims. We bring an intelligent tool that link children with their relatives from single image used for check in, letting them prove their relationship when checking out using a second image.

Parents Compromise

The implementation of Child in Crowd service in a crowded event requires a parents compromise to take an image at the entrance and another image at the exit of the event. By these means we can check the children link to their relatives and suspect of an individual refusing to do it at the exit. We parents, should fight together against children kidnappers.

Main Features

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Faces Recognition

It registers and unregister children with their parents using artificial intelligence. It recognizes anomalities when an unrecognized adult is detected with a child at the checkout

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Free Online Interface

The Child in Crowd online interface is free for anyone to use it. You just need to provide your API Endpoint and Keys (API Keys are optional)

It is provided as a free to use AWS Serverless Repository

You can deploy your own instance of Child in Crowd through an AWS Serverless Repository and use our front-end for implementation

How does it work?

Child in Crowd extracts the biometrics from people faces and relate those unique face characteristics to form groups; the algorithm first detects children on an image and for builds the groups. As faces are signed with unique biometric signatures, another picture of the face will be recognized. Child in Crowd is powered by AWS machine learning.

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Fast children to parents linkage

A simple image is enough to link children with their parents. Multiple children can be linked to parents at the same time

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Let humans make the final decision

If an anomaly is detected, it lets you see the check-in image and let humans decide to take action

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Only one adult is necessary for the linkage operation

As long as an adult appears in the check-in image, the checkout operation can be performed.

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